Ah, Easter! A time of pastels, new Sunday dresses, Peeps, little baby animals, frosted sugar cookies, and eggs filled…with what?!

Never in my life have I heard of an, “Easter egg hunt” the way it is done here in Texas. Searching for eggs that are hard-boiled or filled with candy I have heard of. Eggs filled with confetti? Never. Not just confetti either. Confetti is for the nice of heart. For the more aggressive types it is eggs filled with flour, mayonaisse, mustard, and eggs filled with…well, eggs. It’s really bad when you get an egg/confetti combo thrown at you. It is like some twisted version of tarring and feathering.

What went wrong here? From what I remember, the Easter egg hunt is a pleasant experience where the eggs are hard boiled, dyed with beautiful colors and designs, hid by the, “Easter Bunny,” found by the kiddos, and eaten; enjoyable and beneficial for all. Plastic eggs even bear gifts of candies and money. However, you come down here to the valley and the candy changes to mayo and the money to confetti. Suddenly the Easter egg hunt isn’t as pleasant as I remember it.

The first time I saw these eggs at the grocery store I was a little confused. “Um…excuse me, these eggs are empty. Is anyone else concerned about this? The filling is kind of the most important part.”

These kinds of moments seem to happen to me a lot down here. Thanksgiving: “Why are there tamales on my plate but no turkey?” Halloween: “These pictures and figures of creepy dressed skeletons everywhere is freaking me out.” Christmas: “A Baby Jesus figurine seems to have accidentally fallen in my cake.” Now I can add Easter.

Are there any other traditions of the Valley I should be aware of? I need some warnings of what else to prepare for before I spend hours getting confetti, flour, and egg (sounds like a recipe for cake) out of my hair.

Corinne recently moved from Utah to Texas and enjoys pointing out the funny things she notices that are “Only in Texas.” You can contact her with comments & questions at onlyintexascolumn@gmail.com.