Television watchers around the world made international history by being the largest viewing audience so far, some TV experts said.

The event was broadcast in English and many other languages.

The hours-long reports on William and Kate’s wedding went to at least 84 countries.  Perhaps all countries will eventually make it something many in the world will want to see and will realize that it is better to have weddings in public than wars in private.

When a king, or other leader, is crowned in public in every country, perhaps there will be no wars, big or little.

If all the world’s countries put together their own lavish ceremonies, even a small fraction as the British always have, each nation might think twice, or much more, before starting a war. Wars have a bad habit of killing too many people on all sides with little to show for it.

Two attractive British lovers became third in line to be King and Queen some day. They made more history when they kissed, in public, once at the altar and twice on a balcony.

Uncountable millions of people saw the huge, long, lovely day without rain in London.

Prince William, now called the Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, made a beautiful pair as thousands and millions watched them in person and all around the world.

Some Americans who covered the great occasion mentioned that the pair had been “good friends,” living very close to each other for five years, then breaking up for two years, before coming back together and then marrying.

At the packed Westminster Abbey, where some kings have been crowned at the site across 400 years, the invited people watched inside, while the people watching TV had a much closer view.

My wife and I got up at 3 a.m. to see people arriving at the Abbey, as uncounted millions managed to wake up in different time zones around the world, just to see this sparkling affair from the beginning.

We know people from all kinds of places who decided this would be worth the short sleep. They were right, because we kept listening nearly all day, local time, as the show went on.

Having been in London before, we were excited by seeing what was happening on the streets, full of people, but extremely orderly, in the English fashion. Believe it or not, the police said there had been only 20 arrests for interfering with the crowd. It was hard to believe, but apparently only people who liked the queens and kings of the future went to see them.         

I worried about things on the TV that stunned me. They flew six former warplanes over the queen’s palace at a fairly low altitude, while the huge crowd applauded. I could only wonder how they would do this when an old plane could have fallen into the crowds or onto the palace. The English are a strange people indeed. They also let the bride and groom move to the palace by an old model car alone, surrounded by thousands of people on the streets they passed. Nobody threw anything or tried to run after them, because it was so well in order, and everyone seemed very happy.

We watched everything, including the party that night, on TV. Finally I relaxed that all was well for the new potential king and queen. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it highly, because they are still are running it around the world for the unlucky who didn’t get to see it already. Just keep looking on the tube.

Say what you want about all of this, but I say God save the present queen and God save the coming kings forever, because you will understand better when you see this magnificent modern display of a kingdom that is still America’s greatest ally.