It's another beautiful week in the Rio Grande Valley . . .

Hope everyone has got their shopping done! The month of December has been spent highlighting your favorite Christmas/holiday traditions in this space. Oh, what fun, unique, and special ways you celebrate!! Next week will conclude our reminiscing and sharing, as we feature your New Year's plans and wishes for the coming year. Would you do me a favor and send to Here are a few ideas of what to share:

What you wish for 2012...

New Year's Day traditions...

Special plans for ringing in the New Year...

ASHLEY CURRAN - This Christmas I am looking forward to spending with my new Husband and family. It is our first Christmas as a married couple in our new home. As an added bonus, the kids Clayton (11) & Ellie (9) will be with us for the holidays. We look forward to going over to my parents' house to celebrate our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with the entire family, Clark and Helen Spikes, TJ and Amber Tijerina with their kids Joshua and Gianna, & Brian and Terry Rush. Christmas day we plan on opening presents and spending the day in our pajamas! This Christmas, my husband and I are extra thankful for being blessed with a baby boy, due June 2012.

YESENIA DELIAS - My best memories are that every Christmas season, throughout the month, my parents would play Christmas carols every morning. My new tradition with my kids is to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

ZINNIA ELIZONDO - My favorite Christmas gift was in 2000, a marriage proposal from my husband of now 10 wonderfully blessed years!

RYAN PETERSON - Best gift ever was a BB Gun I received at my grandparents home in College Station, Texas. I asked for it repeatedly that year and was disappointed when I never saw it on Christmas day. Then, one last gift of the day was -- you guessed it -- a BB Gun!! It was the best ever!!

THELMA LOPEZ - One of our traditions is to get two baskets (one for the kids and the other for adults) and we fill them up with earrings, lotions, hot wheels, bracelets, whatever small items we can gather. We pass them around on Christmas Eve and everyone gets to choose something!

CINDY YOUNG - Forty years ago, for my first Christmas in my husband's family, my mother-in-law gave me a red tablecloth she had made herself, a lightweight canvas fabric, maybe trigger. It was just like the one on her dining room table, edged and bound by white bias tape, and had a message embroidered in the center - "Merry Christmas, Doug + Cindy from Mom" - in Doug's mother's handwriting. My instructions were to have everyone entertained in our home over Christmas sign the tablecloth with a white tailor's pencil. Then after the holidays, but before washing the tablecloth, I was to embroider the signatures of my guests.?Over the years dozens of friends and family have signed and dated our tablecloth, amending their signatures with the current year. I can tell when family were with us over Christmas, who hadn't been born yet of the family, and what years we were away, celebrating Christmas far from home.?Even though I haven't always finished the embroidery right after the new year, sometimes sewing last year's names and laundering while wrapping presents for this year, I treasure this gift from one of the best mother-in-laws I have ever met.

Celebrating birthdays this week were Queenie Pemelton, Gail Cappadonna-Watkins, and Joseph Fletcher from Monday, while Natalie Huling, Donna Diegel and Rodney Del Bosque celebrated yesterday. Today's birthdays include Eric Curran, Jimmy Henderson, and Jana Acevedo. Janice Dudley, Kendra Skloss, Robby Russell, and Amy (Skloss) Taylor have a birthday tomorrow, while Rachel Alaniz, Eva-Jean Dalton and David Valadez will blow out their candles tomorrow. Weekend birthday wishes include: Lorrie Garza on Christmas Eve, and to David Rodriguez and Odessa (Flores) Hinojosa on Christmas Day! Happy Birthday, y'all!!

I wish you love & Christmas blessings in the coming week and I hope to "see you" soon!

? Heather

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