Cleotilde Lopez was born April 25, 1911 at 1003 E. Stubbs St. Edinburg. (She has lived her whole life at that address). "Tillie" turned 100 years old on April 25, 2011. She survives seven brothers and sisters who are; Albert Lopez, Julio Lopez, Pedro Lopez, Ramon Lopez, Clara Lopez, Lia Lopez, and John Lopez.

She had a brother, Ramon, who received the Silver Star for the battle of Normandy, during D-Day, in WWII. A Brother Pedro was well decorated in WWII in the South Pacific. There wa a sister Clara who was born there and passed away last summer in Edinburg, TX. Two brothers John and Pedro who lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Albert, the eldest in the family, past away in 1932 in the county of Hidalgo.

Birthday announcement from: Santiago and Sonya, their children; James Lopez, Lorena & Craig Betcher and their grand daughter Alyssa Lopez.