McALLEN -- Cancer is a disease that affects more than a person's organs, it affects their mind and spirit as well. Just ask anyone who has had or is battling cancer currently, they will tell you about how they emotionally felt  their lives have or had been tossed upside down, depressed, loss of energy, zest for life had been zapped.

The first cancer survivor group of it's kind is being offered in the Community Room at the Texas Oncology-McAllen clinic, 1901 S. 2nd Street, McAllen on Wednesday, May 11, at 10 a.m. This cancer support program will run for a series of 6 weeks. Whether you are newly diagnosed or cancer free at this point, you are invited to participate in the Creative Journal Expressive Arts activities once a week for 6 weeks. We are asking the participants to make a 6 week commitment to their emotional health.

Dr. Marsha Nelson, co-founder of the Creative Journal Expressive Arts certification program and Executive Director of Project Insight will be facilitating these workshop activities which will be offered in English as well as Spanish. Participants will be taught to use Creative Journal Expressive Arts methods in order to find their inner resources, feel more physically and emotionally stable, communicate better with one another, and to become more self confident,as well as additional benefits.

The participants will experience the use of clay, photo collaging, creative journaling, movement to music on paper, among additional modalities. No artistic experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore healing tools to support their efforts to heal themselves.

There is no fee for participating in this group, just a willingness to make a 6 week commitment. A patient is welcome even if they are receiving treatment at other facilities.

For additional information, please contact Gisela Gomez-Cantu, LBSW at 956-687-5150 x1156 or Marsha Nelson, Ph.D. at 956-802-9993 or  or