Dan Cook

Edinburg, Texas

We elected President Obama because he was going to bring much needed reform to Washington.† He's made every effort to be bipartisan, even implementing many Republican ideas, yet the Republicans are still the party of NO.† It's time to pass reform without them.† They may be happy with business as usual because they have their hands in the pockets of lobbyists but the American people have had enough.† Lets get this healthcare bill passed and move on to Wall Street reform.†

The media has given the minority Tea party way too much airtime. We voted in November 2008 and won the election. I've had enough of this 'minority party rule'.

The presidentís proposal increases insurance protections for consumers and small businesses, and insurers will no longer be allowed to punish patients who are already unfortunate enough to have a pre-existing condition.† These are much needed reforms that the majority of Americans agree upon.

I'm fed up with all this obstructionism.