The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) is pleased to present Gloria Garfinkel: Origami Interpretations, an exhibition of twenty-nine vibrant paintings, sculptures and prints by the New York-based artist on display in the Clark Gallery at IMAS from January 21 through April 2, 2017.

The exhibition features pieces from several of Garfinkel’s series, including Gingko Kimono, collaged etchings from the late 1980s; paintings inspired by the obi or Japanese sash; etchings from the Kiku (Chrysanthemum) series; Kado woodcut prints, Hanabi maquettes; and aluminum Flip paintings. 

Garfinkel draws inspiration from her extensive international travel and her keen interest in science and mathematics. Her art is an immersion in vibrant bursts of color and vivid patterning, embedded in animated geometry. The forms are clear and strong, but the structures that they create are surprising and changeable, unfolding in unpredictable permutations. The works, produced in the late 20th century, accentuate the artist’s dramatic intellectual and emotional interconnection, inspired by Japanese designs and origami forms.

The most distinctive body of work presented in Gloria Garfinkel: Origami Interpretations consists of striped wall panels, fabricated in aluminum, with inset sections that rotate when manipulated by the viewer. In Seven Circles (2008), seven striped and checkered circles, in pastel and non-primary colors, tumble across a wall. Some circles bunch up into each other more than others, and two or three can be turned by the viewer to push the movement of the sequence along. Garfinkel has accommodated patterning to the optical potential of moving discs by processing patterns through mathematics, the basis of most of her pattern work.

The exhibition Gloria Garfinkel: Origami Interpretations has been organized through Katherine T. Carter & Associates. Join us for all of our new programs and activities! General admission is FREE for IMAS Members; $7/Adult; $5/Senior or Student with ID; $4/Child (4-12). Ask us about our Museums for All program. For more information, please call (956) 682-0123 or visit