SAN JUAN –  More than 500 parents participating in classes through the PSJA's Parental Engagement Program recently received a South Texas College Continuing Professional and Workforce Education Certificate of Completion for ESL, GED or Entrepreneurship Skills during a ceremony held at the PSJA ISD Auditorium on Wednesday, Dec. 14. 

Through PSJA’s Parental Engagement Program, parents of PSJA ISD students are able to participate in free classes and continue their education at any of the six available Parent Centers. Aside from the already mentioned classes, parents can also attend Citizenship and Computer Technology classes, as well as obtain certifications in Welding, Auto Mechanics and Security Guard. This is possible thanks to partnerships with South Texas College and Region One Education Service Center.

During the ceremony, parents who participated and successfully completed ESL and GED classes through South Texas College throughout the Fall 2016 semester received Certificates of Completion. To be awarded, students had to maintain their grades and attendance. This semester, PSJA ISD had more than 630 parents enrolled in the classes. 

For Amelia Gomez Larrota, a parent who attended ESL classes at the Bowie Parent Center, the classes motivated her to keep learning.  

“My goal is to continue learning English so that I can apply for my citizenship," said the 48-year-old. "I feel so excited because learning this new language that is very important. I am so thankful to PSJA ISD and STC for offering these great opportunities to help parents succeed."

Parents of PSJA ISD students interested in the PSJA Parental Engagement Program may contact 956-354-2216 for more information.