CodeRGV welcomes a new group of tech enthusiasts to our Academy nights at the Mission CEED building: information and cyber security. The newly established CodeRGV InfoSec group will hold its first Academy night on Thursday, Jan. 5 at Mission CEED.

InfoSec nights will focus on the discussion of technology centered around cyber security, online privacy, information security, threat management and mitigation, as well as cyber attacks. With guest speakers from across the industry as well as local cyber security officials leading the conversation, the InfoSec Academy nights will include a presentation and a hands-on element for understanding how to protect yourself from online threats.

CodeRGV Academy was established three years ago and meets on the first and third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Mission CEED building, located at 801 N Bryan Road. The academy nights feature guest presentations about specific and wide-ranging technology topics, such as how to use 3D printers nd how to build apps, in addition to hands-on workshops. This is also a great chance for local technology enthusiasts to gather and network. Pizza is sponsored by Pizza Hut RGV and provided free of charge for all attendees. Everyone is welcome to attend, with content being directed towards individuals 17 and over.

Code#RGV is a local educational 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization with a mission to create tech entrepreneurs and skilled professionals for local jobs by educating, promoting, and certifying professionals. We strive to promote community participation and collaboration to invigorate creativity, innovation, and the local economy. Find out more and become a member at