After a soft opening last year, Foldio has recently moved into the Mission’s CEED (Center for Economic Education and Development) with the aim of helping area businesses take advantage of the valuable benefits of 3D printing and scanning. With solutions for a wide range of industries, the company hopes to help boost innovation and support the ability for area businesses to compete in the modern marketplace. Area businesses, schools and makers are invited to attend an open house on Thursday Jan. 19 at 6pm at the Mission CEED.

3D printing has come a long way from the generation of basic plastic models with which we may all be familiar. With new advancements every day, there are now a plethora of technologies with increasing speed and accuracy using an expanding array of materials such as various plastics, elastics, nylon, metal, carbon fiber, ceramic and more. The technology is continually becoming a growing part of the product development and manufacturing process in many major companies.

Foldio has partnered with 3D Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional and production 3D printers, and aims to guide and support area businesses in the planning and implementation of professional 3D printing solutions. Applications and uses vary widely from prototyping and custom-designed parts or tools, to end user functional parts and architectural models. The technology is also used for medical research and practice such as surgery guides, prosthetics, braces, and even live tissue. Dental labs are increasingly using 3D printing to improve accuracy while shortening the production time of crowns, dentures and more.

With the increasing focus on STEM education, Foldio is also partnering with area schools and libraries in the integration of 3D printing in the classroom as well as after school camps and projects. Foldio and their partners provide specialized curriculum and classroom support. As area students approach graduation, they will find 3D design and printing an ever-increasing part of their professional life. Early exposure will help ensure their success in the workplace.

Foldio also provides both onsite and offsite 3D printing in a range of materials. In addition, Foldio offers 3D design and inspection software with solutions for nearly every type of application. The company also plans to offer high quality 3D scanning and 3D design services in the very near future. A makerspace is also in early development inside the Mission CEED.