Students from McAllen ISD’s James “Nikki” Rowe High participated in an international event through the Choose 2 Matter campaign on Wednesday, January 25. Students shared their ideas and comments on subjects like bullying, inequality and finding one's inner-greatness with the founder of the campaign thanks to modern technology.

Using Skype, students interacted with other students and speakers based in London, United Kingdom.

Choose 2 Matter, an organization built on the philosophy that students who believe that they matter and that they have a purpose are more likely to excel, has partnered with SMART Technologies Inc., a leading provider of education solutions. The partnership’s mission is to enable educators and empower students to discover and develop their unique greatness.

SMART is contributing innovative software, hardware and services to classrooms involved in the partnership. The solutions connect everyone and everything – teachers, students, devices, and content – ultimately allowing students to collaborate in and out of the classroom.

The partnership launched with events in various school districts globally. In addition to McAllen, this included District School Board of Niagara, Ontario, Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division No.119, Prince Albert Saskatchewan and St. Stephen’s CE Primary School, UK.

In these locations, the schools utilized Choose 2 Matter’s student-centered philosophy and were able to collaborate with other students and solve real-world issues such as bullying and inequality, demonstrating to students that they have the ability to create an impact. The Choose 2 Matter philosophy honors, supports and explores students’ passions and guides them in how to be effective learners and citizens by drawing the connections to what they do in school to the broader community.

Choose 2 Matter founder Angela Maiers participated in Wednesday’s collaboration. She has twice visited McAllen ISD due to its efforts in embracing Choose 2 Matter.