EDINBURG – During the campaign trail for his race for county commissioner Joseph Palacios met with residents of the Hoehn Subdivision who stressed a lack a drainage, beat up roads and sanitary sewer systems as a major concern to their neighborhood.

The Hoehn Subdivision sits just south of Monte Cristo Road on Hoehn Road. Roughly 100 homes make up the subdivision and it sits on a low point in comparison to its surroundings.

When it rains the Hoehn Subdivision gets the worst outcome with flooding.

“Residents of this community can still point out water lines on their sheet rock,” Palacios said. “They can describe which line and what storm that was.”

Now as county commissioner Palacios made it a point to make sure to help the residents.

To celebrate two years of a joint collaboration between Hidalgo County, Urban County Program, Drainage District No. 1 and the McAllen Public Utility Board a ribbon cutting was held at the Hoehn Subdivision where more than 700 residents will benefit from sewer improvements.

A total of $1.275 million was spent on the project. The majority of the funding came from City of McAllen Public Utilities ($528,895) an Texas Department of Agriculture ($478,000). The Texas Community Block Grant Program ($173,316) and Hidalgo County Precinct 4 ($95,458) provided the remainder of funds.

The location of the project was on a border line to where Palacios could have received help from either Edinburg or McAllen. Ultimately because the regional significance and existing infrastructure Palacios called upon McAllen Public Utilities Board.

“That was a daunting task because McAllen is so big and they understand their infrastructure so well and they're in the quality of life business now,” Palacios said.

Palacios didn't know whether McAllen would lend a hand with a colonia but quickly the city stepped up to plate although the neighborhood is outside their city limits.

“It was amazing that it was just one petition,” he said. “They said 'we're in.'”

There is still work to be done as Palacios' precinct has several colonias. Currently there is feasibility study in place to account for all the colonias. There have been a number of dwellings sites completed. After looking at some low line area topography and an objective plan is in the making by Palacios and his team.

“This (project) is a defining way how most projects need to define themselves so we're objective,” Palacios said. “At the end of the day it builds that partnership to utilize comprehensive funding to be able to do these projects.”