EDINBURG – The Hidalgo County District Attorney's office and the Hidalgo County Courts kicked off an amnesty program to have residents of the county to pay their outstanding warrants.

Amnesty programs across the state usually run from Feb. 16 up until Feb. 24 with the 2017 Great Texas Warrant Round-up kicking off Feb. 25.

In Hidalgo County, District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez's office will extend their program to Sunday March 5. Come March 6 those not having settled up with the county will be arrested.

“We're here today to tell the citizens of Hidalgo County to come in to the J.P. Offices,” Rodriguez said. “If they know they have a traffic citation or a warrant that's pending this is an opportunity for anyone to come in and take care of that.”

Currently there are 33,137 pending cases representing $10 million in outstanding fines and fees.

Rodriguez applauded not only the sheriff's office but also the four constable offices for assisting in collecting outstanding monies.

Residents are urged to check whether they owe any JP fines and fees by visiting http://pay.hidalgocounty.us.