Since Taco Tuesday was delayed last week because of Single-Awareness Day (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day), we decided to satisfy our taco craving the following day at Nuri Food Truck, located at the McAllen Food Park.

Gaby: While waiting for Trisha, I walked up to the Nuri Food Truck and found the owner tossing a football with his daughter.

Trisha: Oh heck no! You cannot say that I was late. You changed the time on me.

Gaby: This welcome to Nuri was the perfect introduction into a business full of family and flavor.

Nuri offers a Korean-Mexican fusion menu. We only noticed three items on the menu board. Before we could ask for more options, the owner started naming a whole array of other dishes.

Trisha: Nuri Tacos, Devine Swine, Korean Karnitas, Yard Bird, Q-dilla, Kimchee fries or rice. We had a tough time deciding between the fries or rice. We were told that the steamed rice included kimchee, a piece of fajita over it, drizzled with salsa de tomatillo and Sriracha sauce, lime slaw and pickled onions, with an optional fried egg.

An order of 3 Nuri or Korean Karnitas Tacos is $10. Yard Birds however are 3 for $10.50 to which we replied jokingly, “Forget it. We’re done.” The owner just smiled and laughed right along with us. I tried to ask for an I.O.U. for the tacos, and he continued to laugh.

Gaby: We were torn between the rice and fries because there was no way that we could do both. By OUR logic we chose the “papitas fritas” since we already had “2 koreanos, 2 pollos, y 2 Nuri” headed our way, according to the owner.

Trisha: While there was an array of food options, there was a limited number of drink options; only sodas and water. However, in an effort to help his neighbors, he recommended the aguas frescas from a nearby truck.

Both: Ugh, we didn’t want to walk all of 25 feet to the next truck. LOL

Gaby: So we gladly chose water. All kidding aside, it would be a nice option to either have an agua fresca, a Joya soda, or why not, maybe even a Topo Chico with a lime wedge.

As we waited for our food, we found out that Nuri means “fire” in Hebrew and all the salsas are made from the owner’s wife’s recipes.

Trisha: We had some background music going on from the truck across the way.

Gaby: But it wasn’t Venezuelan music. (Please note that the truck across Nuri playing the music sold Venezuelan food.)

The tacos came out and we started with the Yard Bird. The chicken was very crispy and tender, not dry at all.

Trisha: The sauce was perfectly placed on top of the taco to prevent the tortilla and chicken batter from becoming soggy. There was a hint of citrus flavor.

Gaby: It could have been the pickled red onion.

Trisha: The buttermilk and flour used to prepare the chicken have the owner’s special blend of spices. The colonel’s got nothing on Nuri!

WORDS OF ADVICE FROM NURI: Open up your chicken box! If you’re wondering why your bucket of fried chicken is always soggy and not like theirs, make sure to open the box to keep it from getting moist.

Gaby: For as good as the Yard Bird tacos are, make sure not to miss out on the house favorite Nuri taco! It was 50 degrees outside and I didn’t mind standing out there as each bite filled with chorizo, cheese, and carne de cecina warmed my tummy.

Trisha: The Korean Karnitas taco is a Pork-lover’s dream! The pork belly was as crisp as the Yard Bird chicken, yet still as tender. Each bite was filled with juicy flavorfulness.

With all the food that we had ordered you might have thought that we went a bit overboard.

Gaby: But when have we not gone “cray cray”? Food is part of our repertoire.

Trisha: I still regret not ordering that Q-dilla.

Gaby: We could always take one for the team...

INSIDER’S TIP: Ask for the secret menu items like the Nurito which is basically the rice bowl rolled into a 12-inch flour tortilla and split in half (Fyi, their tortillas are specially made for Nuri at a local tortilleria).

Trisha: Every passerby was welcomed and greeted by the owner. He took his time to thoroughly explain the menu. With each paid order, he would proudly come out of his truck and hand deliver tasty tacos to each customer.

Gaby: Initially, $10 for 3 tacos seemed a bit excessive to me. However, after seeing the quantity and quality of food that each plate provided, I was more than happy to pay. These weren’t just your typical taqueria tacos. These felt like comfort, family and pure joy.

Trisha: Nuri Food Truck can typically be found at the McAllen Food Park Wednesday through Saturday evenings located at 10 N. Broadway Street, McAllen, TX 78501. However, their schedule does change from week to week so make sure to check out their social media updates (@NuriFoodTruck) on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach them at (956) 252-7577.