Sunday afternoon rolled around, #SundayFunday was coming to a close so we decided to “take a walk on the wild side.” We ended up at The Blue Onion in Weslaco where craft brews, craft cocktails and calzones collide.

Trisha: We came in, sat down and ordered the Nachos Suiza 2 minutes into our arrival. The Hangry monster was quickly creeping up on us.

The Blue Onion is split into the bar and the restaurant. This has been the only place so far that we have discovered where the bar has a tavern menu. No worries, though, you can also order from the full menu if you want to.

Also, the walls of The Blue Onion are covered in art work from local artists. The sale prices are posted on the individual pieces and my favorites were the portraits of The Doors. *squeals with glee like a pre-teen girl*

Gaby: We arrived right on time to take full advantage of their Happy Hour! The Blue Onion’s Happy Hour specials include $2 domestics, $3 well drinks and $4 cucumber martinis. The cucumber martinis are the house specialty. They are made with fresh ingredients and quickly quench any thirst.

Trisha: I was surprised that their pizzas were not on their Tavern Menu.

Gaby: I think they just did it because they wanted to have completely different options on both menus. I like the fact that there are only about 10 items to choose from. God knows that the more options I have, the longer I take to make a decision. Plus, all their Tavern Menu options are great accompaniments to their craft beer and craft cocktails.

Trisha: INSIDER TIP: They also have off menu items including drinks. If you want to feel like you are laying on beach (and are dreading going to work the next day), ask for their Scooby Snack. This combo of pineapple juice, rum, and secret ingredients that will make you say, “Hakuna Matata”.

Gaby: If cocktails aren’t your thing, they have a wide selection of beers on draft and in package. Plus, 2 of the 7 taps on draft are beers made exclusively at The Blue Onion by their resident brewmaster. The Blue Onions is one of the very few places throughout the Valley where they brew their own beer. In fact, they care so much about craft beer that our local homebrewing club, The Border Brewers, hold their meetings at The Blue Onion.

Trisha: Our Nachos Suiza was a beautiful, cheesy masterpiece. Sour cream, Mozzarella and queso quesadilla were used to cover every inch of the plate. The tender chicken breast chunks and the sprinkled cilantro added a splash of color.

Gaby: I loved how every chip had cheese on it!

Trisha: Yeah, so not a fan of cheeseless nachos.

Gaby: While we couldn’t see in our nachos the tomatillo sauce that was described in the menu, there were tasty hints of it in every bite. Our dish was paired with a red salsa that was not very spicy, but extremely flavorful. You could once again taste those fresh ingredients coming through.

Trisha: Gaby was even able to take a ‘decent’ food photo this time.

Gaby: Apparently my phone is equipped with a food filter! Who would of thought?!

Trisha: As I finished all the goodness of my cucumber martini and hit the vodka at the bottom.

Gaby: That’s why you stir, Trisha…you stir.

Trisha: Too late! I moved on to a cherry something drink.

Gaby: A cherry popper? (Mind you, I was only paying half attention when she ordered her drink.)

Trisha: I ordered a Cherry Springer. It was a magical mix of fresh cherries, lemon juice, mint leaves and Dripping Springs vodka. Refreshing deliciousness!

Gaby: We devoured our Nachos Suiza and realized that we were still hungry, or was it that we were just curious to try something else?

Trisha: I am going to say a little bit of both! Their main menu consists of “meals in a bowl”, grilled flatbreads, salads, wraps, po’boys, pizzas, and calzones.

Gaby: I was already sporting my own “calzone”-

Trisha: Liar!

Gaby: We ordered the Standard Pizza with black olives on one half of it because my partner in crime doesn’t like them. The insanity!

Trisha: Nasty olives. Yuck!

Besides their main dishes, they have some seriously good sides. We ordered cucumbers with sliced onions and dill, marinated in vinegar, as well as their black bean salad.

Gaby: The pizza is large enough to be shared between two people.

Trisha: A decadent arrangement of pepperoni, mushrooms and tomato marinara on a thin, crispy pizza crust. We also asked for crushed red pepper and parmesan for that extra taste kicker.

There are two Blue Onion restaurants in the Valley, one in McAllen and one in Weslaco. However, you can only find a full bar, including that Blue Onion brew option, at their mid-valley location on 423 S. International Blvd. Weslaco, TX. Their regular hours of operation are Sun - Thurs: 11:00AM - 9:00PM and Fri & Sat: 11:00AM - 10:00PM. Give them a call at (956) 447-0067.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors and Watts is the communications director for Visit McAllen. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on various locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.