The McAllen Memorial Student Council produced a video which has won top honors from the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).

It will be recognized at the TASC conference in April. TASC is the largest student council association in the world and the videos recognized at its conference represented the most outstanding videos submitted from across Texas.

Video submissions were based on the theme “Dare to Dream…Dare to Do.” Memorial’s “Fed Up! With Drugs Red Ribbon Rally” video was an opportunity to get the community together and to spread awareness from real-life testimonies of those affected by addiction.

“It was a great opportunity to work with councils from around our area for this cause,” Valeria Carpenter, Memorial Student Council Co-Advisor, said. “To bring awareness of this disease that is affecting our students, our families and our community was a goal we had set for this project. What our students learned is that together we can accomplish more.”

Student Councils across Texas make a positive impact on their communities, their schools and their peers through the activities they host and the projects they complete.

“As student councils members across the state of Texas cross the stage to pick up their diplomas, more and more will be moving on to college and careers with a commitment to public service, civic participation, and the knowledge that they make a difference in their communities and their lives through service to others and participation in the democratic process,” Terry Hamm, Director of Texas Association of Student Councils, said. “I am constantly amazed at the contributions made by high school student council members under the guidance of exceptional Student Council advisors. Congratulations to these councils and their students for their dedication to service and commitment to improving their school, their communities and their world. These students embody TASC’s dedication to student voice, student engagement, and student leadership.”

These young people develop proven skills in team building, problem solving, project planning and decision making. Through their co-curricular activities, student council members serve their communities while strengthening their academic and civic skills.

“It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we have impacted our community,” Fernanda Aguilera, Memorial Student Council President, said. “We are glad that our video will be showcased at the TASC Conference and we will be able to reach more people that could be affected by this horrible issue that doesn’t discriminate.”

Memorial’s Student Council Advisors are Vivian Tamez and Valeria Carpenter. Student Council members include Fernanda Aguilera, Frida Naranjo, Patty Rocha, Alejandra Cueva, Lilith Cain,

Azul Moreno, Marian Sifuentes, Sydney Ramon, Andrea Tamez, Desiree Valdez, Elise Liska,

Tavien Talamantes, Michael Mata, David Bocanegra, Nathan Sanchez, Jaryd Lara, Richard Galvan, Jocelyn Gomez, Nayeli Posadas, Selma Regalado and Jayden Olson.