Somervell County Sheriff Alan West is inviting local citizens to become associate members of the Sheriffs Association of Texas.

West stated that, in doing so, citizens can help build a stronger partnership in the fight against crime.

West noted, however, that if anyone receives a phone call asking for money to join the association, it is not legitimate. The association is now in the process of contacting residents all over the state by mail, but no phone calls will be made.

“The Associate Membership Drive helps provide the funding which is vital to our mission of making our communities safer places to live, work and play,” West stated.

The letters from the Sheriffs Association include information on how to join.

Associate member funding allows the Sheriffs Association to provide critical training, technical resources and legislative support on key criminal justice issues.

Also, dues are used to support crime prevention and awareness programs, promote public safety, fight drug abuse, provide additional training and fund scholarships for children of law enforcement officers.

The Associate Member Program was created to provide citizens an opportunity to lend support to more effective law enforcement, and help sheriffs better protect lives and property.

Contributions to the Sheriffs Association of Texas are tax deductible.