PHARR – On the heels of his latest release Vaquero, independent country artist Aaron Watson will be back in the Rio Grande Valley with a performance at the Boggus Events Center Saturday April 29.

Vaquero was recently released and debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 as well as No. 2 on the Top Country Albums chart with 39,000 units.

Watson picked the 16 tracks on the record because he felt those were the songs that needed to be on the album.

“This entire album is unapologetically Texan,” he said. “It's all heart and soul plus a continuation of what we've been doing for the last 18 years.”

Currently Vaquero has had more success than The Underdog and the album has surpassed all of Watson's expectations.

Watson placed the title track as the album name because Vaquero is the roots of the American Cowboy.

“For me it's just to get back to the basics to where we came from,” he said.

Because there is a heavy Mexican influence in the culture of Texas, Watson wanted to shine a light on the matter. He thinks you cannot talk about Texas music with speaking of Tejano music.

Throughout Vaquero some tracks include accordion as well as Spanish guitar riffs to even a couple songs touching on crossing the Rio Grande River.

“It's those flavors of Texas,” Watson said.

Although he'll admit he cannot count the times he's toured the Rio Grande Valley, and it is tough to blame him considering he has 2,500 shows under his belt throughout the United States and Europe.

“I love South Texas and we always look forward to get back down there,” he said.

For almost two decades Watson has seen ups and downs in his personal and professional career. Year after year Watson was always told by Nashville he was not good enough, or he was too regional of an act.

He thinks the main stream music industry wants to call him a regional act as a way of being an insult, trying to keep him inside a box.

But Watson is flattered because he's proud to be a Texan. Rest assured no matter how many accolades he receives from the people who are measuring, what Watson will use those for is to stop and reflect.

“We'll take a time out and say 'hey let's take a moment and thank God for blessing us with the best fans in the world,'” he said. “It's not really about me anyway because these fans have stuck beside me for all these years.”

Watson will take the stage Saturday April 29 at the Boggus Events Center. Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster and are $32.50.