K. White Junior High School competed at the TMSCA (Texas Math & Science Coaches Association) Middle School Championship State Meet this past weekend. Thirty-five students participated in the 6A division, with eight students placing in the top 20; K. White Jr. High School is one of the few Valley schools competing in the 6A division.

As a team, they came in 4th place in calculators; they continue to be the top calculator team in the district, valley and region. “We are extremely proud of their legacy,” said Principal Brenda Betancourt. 

The top 20 finishers were: from sixth grade, Melissa Salazar-3rd place (missed State champ by one question), Jordan Hernandez-12th place, Adrian Heredia -16th place; from seventh grade: Alex Gonzalez-4th place, Bailey Hernandez-20th place; from 8th grade, Carlos Gerena-17th place, Gabriel Rodriguez-16th place, and Zhi Huang-12th place.