EDINBURG – Officer Edward Badillo fought to hold back the tears as he spoke of his partner Eros.

It was evident Eros was more than a canine officer with the police department, all of Badillo's family was in mourning of the passing of their loved one.

The canine officer passed away Sunday April 16 from a sudden illness. The nine-year-old Belgian Malinois joined the police department in 2010 when he was two years old.

Within the first month of service Eros found $400,000 in cash inside a tractor trailer. That was his first big bust. Through the years he was responsible for multiple narcotic seizures and two apprehensions of suspects in the field.

“Eros loved to come to work whether it was for patrol or training,” Badillo said. “He knew once he got in the patrol unit, he was ready to work and once I took the leash off he was going to do his job and give me 100 percent effort.”

Eros lived with Badillo. As Badillo got dressed for work the canine was ready for work.

At home Badillo said Eros was a playful, loving member of the family. His one-year-old daughter loved Eros. She would grab his ears and tail and not once did Eros growl, bark or walk away.

“He was always calm and happy,” Badillo said.

The memorial ceremony concluded with a 21-gun salute along with the symbolic folding of a Texas flag. One final call for Eros over police radio was heard before bag pipes played Amazing Grace.