The Mission High School (MHS) Dual Enrollment CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) program successfully prepared all students to pass their state CNA license exam. MHS CNA Program Director Aurora Villanueva, BSN, RN, said this is only the beginning of the medical career ladder.

“This is where they learn the fundamentals,” she said. “They learn how to render safe, compassionate care.”

Throughout the program, students have classroom instruction, skills practice, and clinical rotations at the Mission Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. At the nursing center, students have hands-on experience working with the elderly and practicing the skills they learn in the classroom.

“It’s a stressful exam,” said Villanueva. The students take the written portion of the exam, and also need to learn various skills to prepare for five randomly selected skills they have to perform within a time limit. “It’s a lot of hard work and dedication on their behalf,” said Villanueva.

With the CNA state license under their belt, students are also now eligible to advance in the dual enrollment Phlebotomy program. They are also qualified to work at doctor’s offices or medical care facilities.