HIDALGO – Jose Oscar Ruvalcaba developed his dream into a reality in 2003 when he created the RGV Barracudas F.C. in Brownsville.

The reality grew into the creation of a soccer complex, 268 teams and eight soccer fields all being used to play soccer. As the Barracudas grew and their competitive spirit heightened Ruvalcaba knew it was time for the next step. The Barracudas were to play in the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL).

In 2014 the Barracudas had their inaugural campaign in the MASL. During the 2015-2016 season they competed for the championship.

After a year off from competition Ruvalcaba will now bring his team to the State Farm Arena for the 2017-2018 season of the MASL. The Barracudas will be managed by Ruvalcaba's son Oscar.

“We've got a great, fast-pace type of game coming,” Oscar said. “You're going to see a lot of scoring.”

Being back in the MASL will allow for the Barracudas to hold local tryouts and youth camps to help grow the game of soccer even more in the Rio Grande Valley.

The announcement of the Barracudas move to the State Farm Arena coincided with the introduction of their new coach Jorge Quiroz. Originally from Mexico City Quiroz once led the RGV Devils to the 2015 Winter National Championship.

The MASL will soon meet in St. Louis to set league schedules and conferences. Joshua Schaub Commissioner of MASL said the move to the State Farm Arena is something the league hopes to uniform with other teams.

“This is a perfect venue for arena soccer,” Schaub said. “It has the perfect capacity, I loved what I saw when I walked in there.”

While traditionally maiden campaigns for expansion teams are usually rough and do not see success it did not happen this past season.

“Florida came in as an expansion team and really competed and almost made the playoffs,” Schaub said. “I expect the RGV comes in and competes, the Ruvalcabas have connections in the indoor (soccer) world and they can get players.”