MISSION – Samantha Garza, a partner with H-E-B Plus, shuffles aisle by aisle collecting an order a customer has placed on the new curbside service being offered by the grocery chain.

The service which began about two months ago was created to help customers save time and to help people that have a difficult time shopping for any number of reasons.

For McAllen resident Gracie Munoz it has been a life saver. She admits shopping online was difficult at first but only because it was new to Munoz. After an easy tutorial by the curbside manager Adrian Villanueva, Munoz was on her way to shopping online and saving time.

Munoz is the mother of two special needs children and she will be the first to admit shopping for a long period of time is difficult.

“We have to purchase things [sometimes] and be in and out,” she said. “This is something that is fantastic because you already have the groceries ordered and everything is figured out.”

Munoz figures it takes her about a hour and a half to shop every week for a family of four. With the curbside service she ordered her items in about 30 minutes and after the 20 minutes of driving her time has been saved.

Villanueva explained he and his team have been trained specifically to shop for other people. Each picker has been trained for specific departments like produce for example.

“The pickers are trained to give you the freshest item possible,” Villanueva said. “Everyone is trained to specifically look at days and offer the latest day possible.”

Currently in-store coupons, gift cards or Lonestar are not accepted with the curbside service. The only option of payment is credit or debit cards.

Villanueva said customers have learned about this service through a grassroots campaign. When seeking feedback on the service he always remembers to ask how much a person would pay to get a half hour of their life back.

While the service is currently only available at the Mission location the service will be added to the Trenton and 10th location later this summer.

The curbside service can be used by visiting hebtoyou.com. The website will prompt the customer to create an account. Once the shopping list is complete the order can be ready in as little as four hours. Currently curbside fee for the first four orders will be waived by the store.