In recognition for her hard work and dedication committed to UIL Academics throughout her entire academic career, Kimberly Ann Cunanan Garza was recently awarded The Welch Foundation Scholarship and named a Texas Interscholastic League Foundation Scholar through the University Interscholastic League (UIL). Like many have said before, hard work truly does pay off. Kimberly finds it nearly unbelievable to be awarded the Welch Foundation Scholarship.

She stated, “As I look back through the past ten years, I remember all the practices I attended every day until 6:30 PM, nights I stayed up until 1:00 AMpreparing for a meet, practices I spent rigorously training my teams, and the thrill of competing at meets, from invitational all the way to State. At every competition, it was always nine hours of pure mental endurance competing in Mathematics, Number Sense, Science, Social Studies, Copy & Editing, Headlines, and especially Calculator Applications and Spelling & Vocabulary. It is great to know that everything I have sacrificed for UIL Academics has been rewarded in the end.”

Being awarded this scholarship will help build the foundation for undergraduate and medical school, and will ultimately help Kimberly achieve her goal of becoming a pediatrician. The award provides $14,000, payable $1,750 each semester for four years.

Kimberly would very much like to thank her UIL coordinators and coaches from elementary to high school for contributing to her education and future. Special thanks to Mrs. Kopecki, Mrs. Sanchez, Mr. Cazares, Mr. Weeces, Mr. Farias, Ms. Olson, Mr. Razo, Mrs. Garza, Ms. Mirelez, Mr. Land, Mr. Davis, Ms. Moya (coordinator), Mr. Reyna, Mr. Watt, Mr. Barreiro, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Flores, Ms. Marquez, Mrs. Ocañas, Mrs. M. Guerrero, and Mrs. M. Rodriguez (coordinator).

“I truly appreciate your support and time to UIL Academics and for helping me and many other students achieve their dream.”