Last week while teaching the Get Golf Ready program to my students, one student asked me an interesting question. What is the correct term for the flag? I looked curiously at them. They said you called it a “pin, flag, flag stick.” “Which is correct?” The correct term is flagstick. Many times in golf people use the wrong vocabulary. Some of these are pet peeves of mine.

Below is a list of the correct term versus the incorrect term. Next time your speaking about golf try using the correct term.

Correct term                        Incorrect term

Flagstick                              Pin

Bunker                                 Sand trap

Rub of the Green                 Bad Luck

Teeing Ground                     Tee Box

Forward Tee                         Ladies Tee

Pros tee                               Championship Tee

Hole location                        Pin location

Hole                                     Cup

Group of 4 players               Foursome

Fellow Competitor                Playing Partner

Scramble                              Best Ball

Carts                                    Golf cars

Grip Down on the Club        Choke Up

10 Finger Grip                      Baseball Grip

Practice Tee                         Driving Range

Draw/Fade                           Hook/Slice

My next Get Golf Ready Program will take place in January. It will be held each Sunday at 10 a.m. Get Golf Ready is a five-lesson program. The great thing about this program is it’s only $100 for the five lessons. Lessons 1-2 are short game lessons, lessons 3-4 are swing lessons, and the fifth lesson is an on course lesson session. If you interested in taking Get Golf Ready please email me at

Also, Get Golf Ready has its own website, There you can find out more information about this program that I teach at Cimarron. It’s open to the public.

Here is this week's tip: A quick way to stop slicing the next time you are at the practice tee is to find an area where you can hit balls above your feet. Hitting balls above your feet is a great way to help straighten out that slice and then after a while you may start seeing the ball hook or draw the balls. The reason this works is the toe of the club swings more quickly from open to shut thus creating a draw action on the ball and implies a right to left spin on the ball for right handed golfers.

Trivia Question: Lets see how well you know the rules. When is the only time you can take relief closer to the hole? (Hint. There are actually two correct answers.) The first correct answered email to me will get a free lesson.

Until next time work on that vocabulary and that anti fade drill and I’ll see you at the lesson tee.

Will Borowski, PGA

The Club at Cimarron