This summer I found a true book that made my blood run cold, several times.

Having read uncounted many hundreds of books at the McAllen Public Library, this one shocked me in some ways more than any among all those books I’ve read there.

No one under 19 should be given it to read, I believe.

“One seldom recognizes the devil when he is putting his hand on your shoulder.”

That was said by the author, Albert Speer, a German. Few in McAllen will recognize his name. Every educated adult should recognize the man Speer worked for 18 years, and later considered killing. That man was Adolph Hitler.

“Inside the Third Reich, Memoirs by Albert Speer” is a deft, unique, stunning story that the author smuggled out of prison during 24 years as a war criminal.

It is amazing how Speer survived, also that he admitted some crimes, bur not direct murder. He freely admitted that he had built many factories made for weapons for Hitler’s war, yet Speer never killed anyone personally that he could be charged with in British or American law.

A British newspaper, “The Times,” reviewed the book when it was printed in English in 1970. It was printed on the cover as saying this is “A remarkable portrait in depth, the best we shall ever get out of Hitler.”

This is a great book. Most historians should love it. Psychologists, generals, common soldiers, and men who want power might be interested.

Very few women are likely to enjoy this book. A man’s view of a madman’s progress is usually low on most women’s reading list.

More men enjoy reading about war and violence. This book is true and quietly horrible, yet with no blood on the pages, a younger man who fell under the spell of Hitler.

Near the end of World War II, many Germans, including generals, wanted to assassinate Hitler. At least 6,000 people were killed for trying to assassinate Hitler. Speer knew about it, and was lucky not to have been killed just by knowing about it and doing nothing.

All history-minded people who read its 621 pages, plus notes, will benefit from what they learn about Adolf Hitler from a man who knew him well for years. Every nation on earth should read this book, to learn how a slick mad-man like Hitler could rule a country.