Manuel Miranda was born in 1935 in San Angel, Mexico City. Prior to 1996, Manuel lived in the eclectic milieu of Mexico City and borrowed from European, indigenous and Mexican cultures to create a vision of his own.

His mother was an Indian from the state of Puebla who was familiar with some indigenous traditions, including the Náhuatl language. His Mexican father instilled in him the tradition of visiting outdoor markets in search of useful, second-hand items. These highly eclectic markets influenced his aesthetic vision profoundly. Miranda remembers seeing German and American toys, fragments of indigenous jade masks, European rugs, and antiques among other things. Accustomed to searching through used items, Miranda also spent countless hours at second-hand bookstores marveling at comic books, novels, and picture books.

The young artist, fascinated by the subject matter and the illustrations he discovered, readily embraced this form of learning, which became his introduction to literature, philosophy, history and the fine arts.

Miranda’s career as a graphic artist spans three decades of individual and collective exhibits as well as nearly two decades of collaboration with Mexico City’s most prominent cultural reviews and newspapers. Miranda participated in numerous shows held at well-known cultural centers of Mexico City.

The artist currently lives and works in McAllen.