Faculty and staff from South Texas College's Visual Arts and Music Department are taking part in a state-wide project to highlight contemporary visual art through the Texas Biennial. First produced in 2005, the core of each biennial to date has been a group exhibition in Austin, Texas of art works selected from submissions gathered from throughout the state.

For the first time in its history, in 2011 the biennial is taking place simultaneously in more than 60 venues across the state. South Texas College, The University of Texas-Pan American and the International Museum of Art and Science all participated in unison to bring an exhibition to the Rio South Texas Region. The exhibition, entitled "Art de la Frontera" is on display now through September 4, 2011 at the IMAS in McAllen.

Curated by IMAS Executive Director Joseph Bravo and Assistant Chair of STC's VAM Program Tom Matthews, the exhibit is located in the IMAS Central Gallery and will feature a unique amalgamation of art, including sculptures, paintings, jewelry, print, installations and mixed media.

"This is an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the new, exciting contemporary visual art talent our region has to offer," said STC's Matthews. "The works selected for "Arte de la Frontera" include a range of artistic practices. These artists possess the ability to adapt tradition and practice to address the contemporary world and engage the viewer through diverse conceptual perspectives. Each artist is responding to the world around them and producing artwork that ultimately is a reflection of them as much as it is a commentary on their social and cultural surroundings. This is part our contribution to educate and preserve our regional art history for the future."

The exhibit features regional artists Cande Aguilar, Mark Clark, Jesus de La Rosa, M.C. Farris, David M. Freeman, Veronica Jaeger, Linda Lewis, George Lorio, Mirla Martinez, Jessica Monroe, Nancy Moyer, Thomas Murray, Scott Nicol, Steven Ortiz, Karen Sanders, Rosendo Sandoval, Richard Smith, Donna Sweigart, Paul Valadez, Benjamin Varela and Fulden S. Wissinger.

For additional information about The Texas Biennial visit http://www.texasbiennial.org/. For additional information about the IMAS exhibit visit http://www.imasonline.org/.