Ciclistas Urbanos members give the thumbs-up sign to the new bike lanes on Freddy Gonzalez Drive.

This segment of new bike lanes is part of the network of bike lanes that was recommended back in April by the Edinburg Environment Advisory Board to the City of Edinburg. This newest segment is particularly significant because it is a retrofit project that was made possible by minimally reducing the width of the continuous center turn lane and the four main lanes to provide for three-foot bike lanes on each side of the roadway.

It also represents a trend nationwide to retrofit existing city streets to add bike lanes and sidewalks to create what are referred to as complete streets. Because existing streets provide greater access to important destinations like grocery stores, offices and public facilities such as libraries, parks and swimming pools, retrofit projects offer the best opportunity to make our city more bike-friendly and livable overall.

We congratulate the City of Edinburg for this accomplishment and hope it will keep-up the momentum and install bike lanes along Sprague from Jackson Rd. to Raul Longoria and along 4th Steeet/Miguel Nevarez soon.