Only in Texas … are high school football stadiums larger than most college football stadiums.

When my husband was here interviewing in Texas, before we moved from Utah, he sent me a picture. It was of a football stadium. Judging from its’ grandeur I assumed it was the stadium for the college. It was about the same size as our college stadium, but no, he later informed me that it was a picture of the Weslaco Panthers’ high school football stadium.

Now that I have had the privilege of seeing it in all its’ glory I can’t even imagine what people would do back in Utah if a high school built a stadium like that. Never before have I seen a high school football stadium this grandiose. I thought my brand new high school stadium was pretty cool with its’12 rows of bleachers and a nice snack bar. Texans would take pity on that stadium, and I went to a 5A high school.

I had heard tales of how big of a deal high school football was in Texas but it never really registered till I got here and saw for myself. When we moved here and tried to make plans with friends on Friday nights our efforts were in vain; Texans don’t go to the movies or go on dates on Friday nights … they go to the high school football game. There is even a show, “Friday Night Lights,” on NBC that just finished its’ fourth season that portrays the dramas of Texas high school football. The show is actually an expansion of the best selling book and hit movie, also entitled, “Friday Night lights.”

Unfortunately, we missed our opportunity to attend a game and submerse ourselves in the Texas High School football experience this season. I did look on as we drove by though; with all the crowds you would think an NFL team was playing in there. Those boys even get a police escort. We were driving home late one night and suddenly a caravan of buses surrounded by police cars drove on by. We first wondered if they were transferring prisoners or something. When we saw it again a few weeks later it made us wonder. We later found out that it was in fact the high school football teams getting an escort to their game. If they are getting a police escort you know its’ important.

I was pretty sad that the football season passed by before we could purchase tickets. Hopefully next year we will get on the ball so we can experience what all you Texans seem to adore so much.