Dozens of people waited in the spacious and inviting lobby of the newly remodeled Mexican Consulate, which is more organized with it’s numbered windows and shiny tiled floor. Up the carpeted steps, the new events room was packed with local dignitaries and Mexican federal officials - all celebrating the beautifully redone building.

Special guest Patricia Espinosa, Mexican minister of foreign affairs, said, “The rebuilding process of this consulate is part of a wide process of improvements of the infrastructure for consular activities, as a means to better serve Méxicans in the region.”

Espinosa took this opportunity to affirm that the government of President Felipe Calderon’s commitment to stop organized crime with the war on drugs and to improve security within Mexico. She also thanked the U.S. government and society for their support and partnership during the influenza crisis, stating that Mexico is ready to welcome tourists and visitors again.

McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez, one of the speakers, exuded warmth as he stated, “I truly believe in my heart that God put these three nations together — Canada, America and Mexico — and it is our duty to respect Him and learn to live and coexist together. What better way than to invest in this office, to be able to help those that need those services who have come to visit our country for many reasons.”

Feeling a great sense of pride towards this new building, he continued, “It is very consistent with the direction we want our community to go. We want to be the leader of the border cities with Mexico. We always want our friends from Mexico to feel at home here, and we’re going to do everything possible to be that type of city.”

With the unveiling of the dedication plaque, which celebrates their new consulate building, the ceremony came to a close.

The new consulate’s event room features archeological pieces indigenous to Mexico, adding to the overall ambiance of the room and the clean-cut lines of the building.