MISSION — Skip Logan and Jean Oppegard, Bentsen Grove Resort, have grown a colossal lemon on a three year old Ponderosa Lemon tree. Using “stuff from Walmart” to make things grow, he left last season trusting his handy dandy yard man to keep the trees watered and alive. Getting four lemon pies out of last year’s crop, Skip isn’t sure how much this 22 and a quarter inch beauty will squeeze out! Jean is betting on at least six pies for sure.

Coming to the Valley for 11 years, they’re in love with their park.

“This park is the best park in the world,” said Jean. “We have oil painting, wood carving, and water color painting class.” All of which she has taken advantage of as is seen in the paintings and carvings adorning their mobile home.

Horseshoes and bowling are the attraction for Skip, who won second in his class in the world at the horseshoe world tournament in Springfield, Illinois this year.

“I felt pretty good about that,” he said.

Meeting when they were in their late 40s, it was a surprise to them when they discovered they had grown up only 25 miles apart.

Enjoying life, Skip took Jean on a Carribean Cruise for her 70th birthday in August.

“We have a good time together,” Jean said, laughing. Teamwork works for these two. Skip grows the lemons, Jean makes the pies and they both get to eat the fruits of their labor.