Every high school in the Lower Rio Grande Valley honors its graduates.

Few can match McAllen’s strong, continuing contact with students after more than half a century.

“Dear Old McHigh” keeps honoring its students as long as any can still attend.

Ann Brant has organized this year’s plans. Others (see below) are also working on it with her. McHi seniors from 1951 can phone her at 686-7141. Please call Ann with your current e-mail or change of address.

More volunteers will be welcome to contact McHigh students who have moved during the 10-year interval between regular McHi home-comings. There are less formal homecomings on other years.

This year the party will be “Dutch Treat,” with no sponsor for the meal.

Both the Bulldog football game, and the dinner at the restaurant La Mexicana are scheduled for 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24.

La Mexicana is located at 4300 N. Col. Rowe Blvd. It will be open until midnight so people can see the game and later go to the restaurant if they wish.

The popular restaurant has invited all 1951 seniors to meet at La Mexicana, which also serves food from north of the border. It will be open until midnight for food and beverages. All McHigh seniors from 1951 will be welcome whether they wish to eat and drink or not.

Here are more of the first workers on this Homecoming. Many more will help before Sept. 24.

These include Jackie Hamilton, Jim Moffitt, Betty Bloomfield, Eddiemae Wagg, Noe and Minerva Sanchez, Barbara Moffatt, Argelia (Helen) Gracia and Richard L. Cortez.

So many are now missing from the reunions forever, it is well to meet those who are still here.

A few always drive or fly long distances to attend, while some who live in McAllen never attend. It is that way everywhere. Some have reasons never to return to their old high school. Most of them would enjoy it, if they dared to see their school friends after all those years.

Another highlight will be looking at the photo that was taken for that group all those years ago.

The photo caption should read “Does wild party in 1951 look like wild parties today?”

They seem to be related. Don’t miss it if you want to compare it with the same dress of teenagers and your own all these years ago.

Who knows if they will be dancing again the night of the reunion on Sept. 24? Some younger people like great-grandchildren from that era might drop by to see it.