Firefighters at the McAllen substation number 6 were treated to a home-cooked breakfast this morning by H-E-B employees. The small fire station kitchen was packed as volunteer’s scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausages and served coffee to them.

“We feel great appreciation for them to come over and cook breakfast for us,” Deputy Chief Ramon Rodriguez, fire department captain for substation number 6 said. “It is great for them to come and have a feel of what we do on a daily basis.”

Besides cooking breakfast for the entire substation, H-E-B volunteers assist them with daily chores including yard work, station cleaning, painting and equipment cleaning.

The Helping Heroes program from H-E-B helps to honor local fire departments throughout Texas for their heroism. It is a company-wide volunteer service project consisting of H-E-B employees. This Sep. 11, more than 500 Border Region H-E-B Partners from 48 stores and administrative facilities visited a total of 67 fire stations in the border region. In the Valley alone, 45 fire stations were visited.

Virginia Perez, H-E-B Public Affair Specialist said the Helping Heroes program started in 2005 to thank local fire fighters for their service. “We want to thank them for their service in the community and also to remember those who lost their lives on Sep. 11,” she said.

Fire station driver, Oscar Salinas said he is happy H-E-B chose to do this for the fire fighters on Sept. 11. “It is appreciated that they care about the community and also to remember the fallen heroes,” he said.