There is a new fire department sub-station in McAllen. Last week the McAllen Fire department celebrated the grand opening of its substation number 7 located on Bentsen Road north of 5 Mile Line.

The facility will service the expanding residential area in northwest McAllen to Ware Road and Monte Cristo. The 8,600 sq. foot, fire station is equipped with a full kitchen, waiting room, weight room, TV room and has fully equipped with dorms for men and women. The construction of the fire station was approximately $900,000 to complete and its design it that not of a traditional fire house building.

Fire Chief Rogelio Rubio said the design of the fire station is unique, because it will blend with the community. Rubio said this is the first house design in the City of McAllen.

“We are trying to get away from the commercial design of a commercial square building,” said Rubio. “We are very excited to have this new substation open and to serve the community,” said Rubio.

The fire station will have twelve full-time firemen working 10 shifts a month each, or 24-hour shifts each.

Commissioner Marcus Barrera, District 2 said the fire station was made possible with the spirit of cooperation from everyone. “This fire station meets the needs of the area and with the spirit of cooperation, we will make this a safer city,” Barrera said.