from the Hidalgo County Fire Marshal’s Office

• Test your smoke detectors and replace old batteries, if necessary.

• Careful with candles. Don’t put close to stockings, Christmas trees, or other decorations. Make sure your candle holders are flame retardant.

• Keep decorations away from sources of heat: heaters, flames, exposed electric bulbs.

• Don’t overload electrical outlets.

• Make sure cords aren’t frayed or worn. When in doubt, throw them out.

• Keep your Christmas tree fresh … water it! Dry trees are dangerous.

• Keep tree away from heat sources and don’t use candles on it.

• When you are done with your tree, safely dispose of it. Don’t burn it.

• Never use “outdoor” lights indoors or “indoor” lights outdoors.

• Don’t use fireworks near homes or dry vegetation.

• Don’t drink alcohol while popping fireworks.

• Don’t put fireworks inside bottles for you may cut yourself.

• Use common sense. All children need supervision.

• And as always, have an escape route out of your house, a family meeting point and teach the children 9-1-1.

Happy Holidays Y’all!