The Boys and Girls Club of Edinburg RGV Summer Youth Program is almost coming to an end. The program has been filled with fun, games and learning activities for the children enrolled in the program. But as the summer ends and the school year begin, the Boys and Girls Club continues open as an after school program and offers year round programs.

“Our summer program took our students on a tour of the world each week,” said Maria Medina, director of operations for the Boys and Girls Club of Edinburg. “The 12-week program started in one country and we come back at the end with a summer party.”

The Boys and Girls Club focuses on several areas that help children become engaged in education: the Learning Academy, Cultural Arts Center, sports fitness and recreation, health and life skills, and education and career development programs.

The Learning Academy focuses on preventative programs as well as national programs. “We want to teach them life skills while they are having fun at the club,” said Medina.

A Go Center recently opened its doors at the club. The Go Centers provides resources to help students find their interests when choosing a college major. University brochures, college catalogs, financial aid information, scholarship information are some of the resources that can be found at a Go Center.

The Boys and Girls Club of America awarded the Edinburg site a grant that provides opportunity to help with the “Youth Center” program. The program prepares teens for the work force and teaches them how to write a resume, hot to speak properly, how to write and have etiquette when in an interview. “We teach them everything that is going to prepare them for their first job,” Medina said.

The program currently has 20 students enrolled and each volunteer their time at the Boys and Girls Club. Medina said the children see this as an opportunity to give back to the community. “We have a waiting list of teens wanting to join the junior staff program,” she said.

A site at the Edinburg High School will open its doors this coming school year. “This new site is going to reach a lot more students, especially students who are not interested in sports,” she said. “This after school site will have a pool table, large television and music program.”

Medina said if the students are doing well in school, they will be allowed to go to the Boys and Girls Club site during their lunch period. “This will grant them access during their lunch period to go to the club and use the facility,” she said.

The Boys & Girls Club of Edinburg services over 16,000 students in Edinburg and surrounding area and has over 13 clubs. For more information visit them online at: