I have noticed that there is a large number of trucks populating the roads of the Lone Star state. I was driving through a parking lot the other day; I counted 17 trucks. That was just in one parking lot that had a total of maybe 30 vehicles. That means that half of the vehicles were trucks. Not just any trucks. Some of those trucks could’ve put up a pretty good fight against a semi. I guess it goes along with the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

When we arrived in Texas my husband’s uncle who lives in Texas met us in San Antonio. He had a truck. It was red, big, and huge. I think it was roomier than some SUVs. Most trucks I’ve been in require some real invasion of space if you want to sit more than two. You could’ve fit a whole family and their St. Bernard in that thing.

What started this love for trucks by the way? Does anyone know? My guess is it probably spurred from the need that all the farmers and cowboys have for carrying large amounts of hay, wood, and dirt, and towing all their livestock. However, I don’t think that all the Texas truck owners out there today necessarily have these needs. The non-cowboys probably just saw how incredibly awesome those cowboys looked while carryin’ and towin’ that they wanted to look that good too.

In honor of this love that Texans have for really big trucks, most of the major truck manufacturers have now come out with a, “Texas Edition.” Chevrolet was the first to come out with it in 2007. It is the Silverado Texas Edition. This monster of a truck comes with a 5.3 liter V8 engine, six speed automatic transmission, locking differential brakes, 20-inch wheels, chrome inserts, a lock-in tailgate, and a heavy duty trailer hitch. Ford and GMC also have one. The Ford F-150 XLT Texas Edition and the GMC Sierra 1500 Texas Edition.

That’s quite an honor for Texas to have its’ very own truck. There are no, “Utah Editions,” of anything. If they were to make one it would probably be a minivan. If there were a state car, (like how there are state birds and flowers) Utah’s would definitely be the minivan. There are A LOT of minivans in Utah. (Utahnites seem to like to have lots of kids, so they need minivans to put them in). “The Toyota Sienna Utah Edition.” I should suggest that. It would come with room enough for ten, built in booster seats, spill proof interior, childproof everything, personal TV’s with the Disney Channel package, and a sound proof separator between the front and the back. I like it!

I wonder what I would have the “Corinne Edition,” come with… I won’t get into it, but I will say that it would come in pink. A girl can dream, but Texas has already got it made. Bravo Texas for being cool enough to have your own truck. You are making all the other states jealous.