There’s a growing trend for public libraries to offer cafes for their patrons can enjoy a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee and at the Dustin Sekula Memorial Library is keeping up with the times with the recent opening of the Books and Bytes Café.

Previously, the library had a little store that would offer snacks and other itmes for sale, but in a survey that library Director Letty Leija put out they noticed patrons wanted something more. People were going to places like Starbucks and Barnes and Noble to read instead of coming to the library because they were able to have coffee and cakes.

“We want to keep up with the trends, not only technology wise, but what else can we do that would bring people into the library in hopes of while they’re here they will take advantage of other services we have to offer,” Leija said.

Books and Bytes was able to purchase their prized coffee machine with some money the library had saved. It’s capable of brewing fresh cups of coffee, makes shots of esspresso and for those who are not into coffee the machine also makes chai teas.

The prices at Books and Bytes Cafe are relatively inexpensive and they have a few other things to offer like sandwiches and other drinks like cokes, water and non carbonated drinks.

Since opening up and having more things to offer than before sales revenues have increased raising more money for the City of Edinburg.

There is sitting area where once something is bought from the café one can enjoy it while reading. It is possible to take a drink to the floor eventhough there hasn’t been a need to do so but don’t expect to take a drink to the computer area, library staff reminded.

“The patrons are really enjoying it,” Leija said of the new café. “We thought that maybe some of them might of felt that it wouldn’t have been kid friendly but even kids enjoy it.”