Chef Santiago (“Jimmy”) De La Cruz and his trusty assistant, Sandra Duncan, have decked the halls at The Club at Cimarron for the second year in a row with what is billed as the Valley’s largest Gingerbread House.

Planning the basic design, he has the frame work made and installed. Then he sends his “people” out to buy “whatever’s on sale,” as he puts it. They come back loaded with 30 to 40 pounds of candy and they get to work.

Taking about 10 days to assemble, they use from 300 to 400 pounds of sugar, 25 gallons of icing, 55 sheet pans of gingerbread and cookies, candies and bubble gum. The result is spectacular.

Painting the gingerbread with chocolate they used a pastry tool called a “comb” to create the log look giving the house depth. Gingerbread shingles adorn the roof with icing snow and glitter added.

“What I do just comes through my head as we’re decorating,” Chef “Jimmy” said. We figure it out when we’re working on it how and what we’re going to put where. Whatever comes to me while I’m working on it is what I use. I let it speak to me.”

Looking closely you’ll see rice crispy treat windows, candy canes in a variety of shapes and sizes, Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies, bubble gum, star mints, marshmallows and jaw breakers. All are used to make this deliciously, delectable, totally eatable (as can be noted by the little pieces notched out here and there) Gingerbread House! The Club is on Shary Road in Mission.