The students at De La Vina Elementary looked up to the sky in excitement as they watched one hundred balloons fly up to the sky, forgetting that they had been standing outside the school playground on a hot and humid morning.

A welcome change of pace took place last week as the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District celebrated its Centennial kick-off. This year the Centennial Committee asked all campuses to hold a centennial ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 2. At the end of the ceremony, the release of 99 red balloons, representing the first 99 years of the school district and one single white balloon, to represent the new school year would be release at 10 a.m.

“The white balloon represents the hopes, goals and aspirations for this year,” Erika Lopez-Playle, principal of De La Viña Elementary said. “It is the legacy of learning of yesterday, today, tomorrow.”

All 590 students at De La Viña formed were lined up outside the school grounds to form the number 100.

“This was an idea from the staff and I wanted all of our students to participate in this event,” Playle said about the formation.

The centennial celebration will continue throughout the 2009-2010 school year and in support, the centennial committee has asked the staff of each school to wear their Centennial shirt on Wednesdays.

The balloons used at each ceremony were biodegradable latex balloons, causing no environmental problems.