Woody White manages to laugh at the three eye patches he owns and wears.

He laughingly says he is considering having a white eye patch made for very formal occasions.

White came close to being totally blinded in a running accident three years ago, while trying to catch up with his friend and neighbor, Essau Peña, at 5:45 one morning, White suffered a hard fall.

“I hit a hidden hole near Bill Shupp Park, broke my nose and went to a hospital. The retina in one eye was destroyed. The injury was too deep,” he said.

“The fall hit so hard, it just missed the other eye. That could have blinded me for life.”

Then laughingly, a happy reaction rarely seen by men who have lost one eye, the retired teacher explained why.

“The hospital sewed up one retina and my nose, but the cut was just too deep to save that eye’s sight. There are few eye parts that are transplantable, something I never knew until I wanted one.”

“I’m well over 70 now, and I have a wealth of fun with what happened. I now have three different eye patches and am considering a fourth.”

“Many people think the big eye patches are a joke. At stores or supermarkets, places like that, kids will say things like ‘Is that for Halloween?’” He also hears kids say, “Look mom, it’s one of the pirates on T.V.”

Woody just smiles at their amusement.