Hidalgo County

Commissioners’ Court met in session on Monday, December 13, 2010

and considered an agenda that included the following



"font-family:">Appointment of Civil Service Commission Members

– Commissioners’ Court

needed to fill two vacant positions on the Civil Service

Commission. County Judge Ramon Garcia appointed Mrs. Aurora Zamora

of McAllen, Texas.  Mrs. Zamora is the Director of Human Resources

at McAllen ISD, bringing years of human resources experience to the

Commission.  Commissioner Precinct 3 Joe M. Flores appointed Dr.

Sonia M. Treviño of Mission, Texas. Dr. Treviño currently serves as

a member of the Mission ISD Board of Trustees. 


"font-family:">Precinct 2 Tax Office Substation

– A presentation was made in regard to

the Tax Office substation that was closed at South Tower Community

Resource Center on November 30, 2010.  Mr. Armando Barrera, Tax

Assessor-Collector explained that the decision to close the office

was influenced by budget cuts and low volume at this location. 

Several members of the court expressed concerns that this closure

would pose an inconvenience to constituents in the Precinct 2 and

Precinct 1 areas.  After discussion, Commissioners’ Court agreed to

allocate approximately $110,000 to the Tax Office budget to cover

personnel costs in order to reinstate the substation. A press

release announcing the re-opening will be issued once the

substation is scheduled to re-open.


"font-family:">RMA –

"font-family:">Commissioners’ Court authorized the County Judge to

sign a letter expressing general support of the Regional Mobility

Authority’s transportation projects, and directing the RMA to

present a project development plan to Commissioners’ Court before

the County takes final action on signing a pledge agreement

guaranteeing the $10 vehicle registration fee to the



Other notable

county business included an update on the Primary Care &

Substance Abuse Clinic; discussion and approval of payment of

eligible overtime hours worked by county employees during Hurricane

Alex (contingent on all issues being resolved by Thursday, December

16); approval of a “Certificate of Substantial Completion” for the

new Precinct 2 Complex; and approval of negotiated contract for the

design and construction of a new Constable office for Precinct




Court will be rebroadcast this evening at 10:00 pm on


"font-family:">Over-the-air, Channel 38 Digital Television (to

digital TV sets, equipped with a built-in tuner or a top set



Channel 10 through Timer Warner Cable.


Channel 60 (local channels package).


(Dish Network) Channel 7661 (local channels package).


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information, and to view a copy of the agenda posted for this

meeting, visit the county website at