South Texas Community College has a new form of communication — JagTV.

In just its second episode, the idea of creating online episodes for the students began early this year by the Public Relations department on campus. The online episodes targets high school students interested in enrolling at STC as well as currently enrolled students. The idea is to give students a fun, educational view of what the college has to offer. Topics on Financial Aid and Online registration are just a few of the segments students can sit back and enjoy.

Each segment is filmed on campus, with students and faculty involved providing information about each topic.

“The idea is to promote a college-going culture,” said Brandon Garcia, the multimedia specialist who records and edits each segment for JagTV. “It is better to get the point across through video as opposed to a pamphlet,” he said.

JagTV is in its second episode and the format of each episode varies. “The episodes will be different each time, but it will always have an STC related subject to promote the school,” he said. “We try to keep them entertaining without losing its focus on education.”

Each episode is about 15 minutes in length and has different segments: Arts & Entertainment, College Services, Cooking, Environment, Fashion and Health & Fitness. Each episode is setup to educate the viewer, with a twist of fun an entertainment. Each episode is made to grab people’s attention, with fast, zoom in and zoom out angles, upbeat music and catchy intros.

To inform the public of JagTV, episodes have been distributed to school districts across the Rio Grande Valley and to each city channels in the area. Garcia said STC’s only outlet is the web and by distributing the episodes to the school districts, will show them what college has done and what it has to offer.

The process to make each episode takes a few weeks to complete. Each person in the PR department takes part in the processes from forming ideas, to writing the scripts and editing.

Student involvement is important said Public Relations Specialist Michelle Balani. Students can audition for future episodes or be a part of the filming process. Balani said they hope to get student ambassadors and create a media club. “We want to have the students work with us on JagTV and in return help them get experience as a club member,” she said.

Balani also wants club members to help them with feedback on the type of subjects they would like to see in future episodes.

Balani also coordinates with professors that will be used in each segment. “We try to get experts to cover each topic,” she said. “We work with them, show them the scripts and get their input on the subject.”

Episode 3 is scheduled to be released the first week of September. Students interested in being a part of JagTV can contact Michelle Balani at 956-872-8358. To view episodes of the JagTV, go online to