EDINBURG – For years it's been the norm for students to go to their local boys and girls club and have their parents sign them up for baseball, basketball and even football.

But now, Jorge Trevino and Anthony Guerra have started something that will work a child's brain, a chess center. War Room Chess Club, located on  208 E. Cano Street, just east of the Edinburg's square, is something Trevino and Guerra opened for a few reasons.

One of the main reasons is to offer something to the community that they weren't able to obtain as kids. When they started playing chess in 1997 at Canterbury Elementary in Edinburg, they were learning from scratch. Their teacher, Gary Chrismer, taught them the basics and a few strategies, and had it not been for their love of the game they would have just left it at that. Instead they went on to when state championships convincingly and repeatedly. Trevino and Guerra to give local students the knowledge they have to help them win championships and help them beat a well known chess city in the Rio Grande Valley.

In the Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville is the capital of chess. It's even been on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. But Trevino and Guerra witnessed an elitism that went with Brownsville's success and didn't like it. They feel chess can be played and should be enjoyed by everyone.

The two Edinburg residents know the talent is in the area and want to make chess a popular game to enrich a child's brain. They have a lot to offer to someone who is just starting out and they enjoy helping them.

Inside the War Room

The War Room Chess Club is in an office space. But don't judge the sign that reads War Room Chess Club like it's suppose to read the law office of someone. Walking in there's a few lounging tables to set up with chess sets to practice and even a study area for kids that need to do homework. Walk through a door and find more tables with chess sets.

The next door is not for the weak. Pass the sign that says XXXX Tournament Room and prepare for battle. There are about 40 tables set up with chess sets for tournaments War Room sets up during the week and on Saturdays. These tournaments do pay so if interested anyone can play. There is a fee of course.