McALLEN – Motorists who are tired of being in the thick of traffic on Nolana Ave. from Bicentennial to Second Street (Nikki Rowe Blvd.) can now feel comfortable about being on the road.

Beginning July the city will be expanding from five to seven lanes to help traffic run smoothly. The project will begin once the bridge on Nolana and Bicentennial is expanded.

Home owners and businesses will not lose any of their property because the street is wide enough for the expansion already but, unfortunately for cyclists, the bike lane on that stretch of road will be eliminated.

“It's the most economic way to improve traffic volumes on this corridor,” McAllen Commissioner Scott Crane said in an interview on the city's website. “We're not going to have to go through the expense of putting in a center median or buying segments of right-of-way that aren't currently in place to widen it.”

For the bikers who are disappointed about the lose of the trail they can feel some sense of comfort with the Bicentennial project which is expected to add a trail from Nolana to Trenton. The project is expected to be complete in November 2012.

The stretch of road that is being widened sees up to 30,000 vehicles a day and with the improvement it will be able to handle and additional 10,000 vehicles.

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