Homecoming is a special time for high school students and those who graduated from those educational institutions. It didn’t mean much to me when I was in school, but I was more focused on other things.

Of course, I likely would have been more interested if my high school had done the week up like local schools do. The first time I heard about Sherman High’s and Denison High’s homecoming parades, I was shocked because I didn’t know such a thing existed.

And that’s really surprising considering I grew up in southern Louisiana where people took any excuse they could think of to have a parade.

I know there’s a lot that goes into choosing a team’s homecoming opponent and scheduling the game, but I think it’s a shame both Denison’s and Sherman’s games fall on the same night again this year. The longstanding rivalry between the two schools is one thing, but I know there’s lots of people that went to one school and now reside in the other city or have split allegiances for other reasons.

That’s why I think it would have been nice to see the game, and all the events surrounding them, during different weeks. I’m sure there are plenty of people, as well as some current students, who would have liked the opportunity to go to both games’ various festivities.

Luckily, officials are able to schedule the two schools’ homecoming parades for different days of the week, so those can be attended by as many people as possible. The memories from this weekend’s various festivities will likely be long-lasting for many, and sweeter if the local teams win Friday night.

Happy birthday to Friday Midzi Pederson, Jane Belcher, Virginia Horn and Evelyn Bryant, all of Sherman; Karen Kelly of Denison; Brian Barnes of Ivanhoe; and Sissy Higginbotham Williams of Mansfield.