Good Times are Coming

The 12th annual Bobby Platt Crappie Gig and Kids Fun Tournament is this weekend. If you want to fish it you can give Bobby a call at 817-253-0793 to register or find out more about the free kids tournament for those 12-and-under. It’s a fun event that I think you would enjoy.

The first annual Celtic Games event will also be going on. Pecan Grove Park-West in Sherman is where this event will be held. They will be throwing trees, (cabers is the official name for them) and big rocks plus other contests. Kilts, bagpipes and drums are going to be in abundance.

I’ll be wearing my kilt but the caber I’ll toss will be a broom stick. I’m not mad at any big trees. It starts at 9 a.m. Saturday.

With some new friends coming up to fish with me this week, I spent Monday and Tuesday prospecting. I found some nuggets but not the mother lode in Little Mineral Monday. Tuesday I got Rick Toth to help me prospect the Highport side.

We caught fish here and there but last week we pulled up on one spot and it was on. We caught 10 or 12 nice bass in a very short time. The structure and bite were different from what I did in Little Mineral. We had to contend with the wind both days.

Wednesday we went fishing. I started them off on sand bass on White Bomber Slabs with Teasers. We were catching them two at a time out of 14-16 feet of water. There was almost no wind but it arrived not long after. I moved us around trying to find the calmest water.

To add insult to injury it was also misting rain. Combine it with the wind and not enough clothes on and it was cold. Moving here and there and throwing YUM Money Minnow swim baits on a 1/2 oz. Jig head got us to catch nine bass before the wind and cold got to us. I was ready to get warm.

While I haven’t seen many fish on the banks, they are already staged in deeper water waiting to move shallow. I’m sure up north and in coves and marinas on the west side they are already on the banks as the water is usually a little warmer up there than mid-lake.

This is the time of year the fishing trophy hunters come out looking for those big fish on beds. While I don’t think one will come out of Texoma on other big bass lakes, a 13 pound-plus fish can get you lots of good things starting with a good feeling when you donate it to Texas Parks and Wildlife Share Lunker program.

After spawning they will return it to the lake you catch it out of. Like I said above, the big ones will be shallow this time of year but can be spooky. Use a quiet approach and stay off the bank to keep from scaring them off. It can sometimes take multiple casts before you catch them but I have seen people waste an hour and never get the fish to move or take their baits.

Most all people fishing for the bedding fish this time of year are using plastic creature or tube baits. And making long casts.

Those fish Rick and I caught Tuesday after running here and there looking for them were close to where I launched. This is one time we should have stayed closer to home. The guides are posting some awesome catch pictures with big stripers and limits of box fish.

Many think they have moved up river to spawn. Water west of the 377 bridge is off-color and it is also stained down to Mill Creek. Fish are being caught out of it though. Haven’t read or heard anything about how catfish are doing this week.

The BassMaster Classic is going on in Houston on Lake Conroe this week. You can follow it live on some TV stations.

Looking for the big bite early? Think about some of the smaller local lakes. They should be two or four degrees warmer. Go fishing — it beats watching it on TV.