The local news from the Club at Cimarron is that work has begun on the new practice facility. Just last week a team of construction workers arrived and have begun the new state of the art practice area for the club.  The new practice area is expected to open around mid-June. 

Also at Cimarron, Nationwide Tour rookie Dustin Garza paid us a visit.  Dustin was looking to stop hooking the ball and create a swing which creates a fade off of the tee instead of a draw.  One of the changes he made was to the shaft in his driver. 

Dustin is now using the new "Numchuck" shaft.  The shaft is being promoted as a one shaft fits all swing speeds.  The color of the shaft is a purple.  Dustin hopes to eliminate the left side of the golf course with this new shaft.  The shaft specs is actually that of a double extra stiff shaft.  Naturally, I had to give it a try.  I couldn't draw it.  I could fade it.  It was just too stiff for me with my swing speed with a driver between 108-112 mph.

Meanwhile, Dustin went back out to the Nationwide Tour this past week and missed the cut down in Valdosta, Ga.  The winner was Ted Potts.  Bubba Watson was the big winner in the Big Easy.  Watson defeated Webb Simpson to capture the PGA Tour event in New Orleans.  The win was Watsons 2nd of the season and 3rd in his lifetime.  This win was his 3rd in less than a year.   The LPGA tour was back in Action with Maria Hjorth took home the honors in Mobile Alabama.

The tip of the week is how to hit a stinger 3 wood from the tee.  Try this next time your on the practice tee.  Move the ball back in your stance and make sure you sternum (breast bone) is ahead of the ball.  Keep slightly more weight on your left side during the swing.  This may take some time to perfect.  However, once you do you should be able to create a low hot running ball with a 3-wood.    

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Until next time....I'll see you at the lesson Tee.


Will Borowski is a Class A PGA member at the Club at Cimarron.  If you need help with your golf game and would like a lesson please contact him at the above email address.