The mass exodus has begun. The Winter Texas from the Eastern part of the Valley are leaving once again. Most Winter Texas who enojoyed several months of cooler weather are leaving the South Padre Island area to make way for the college kids ready to enjoy spring break.

Meanwhile, on the world's professional golf tours, we saw some great golf played in pretty poor conditions. First, Rory Sabatini won in West Palm Beach by one shot to earn top honors at the Honda Classic. The wind blew no less than 20 mph each day. In reality just another normal day for Valley residents. On the Nationwide Tour, Sharyland graduate Dustin Garza missed another cut again. This time the event was played in Bogata, Colombia. The winner was Brendan Pappas. Pappas win was not official because the event was plagued by poor weather and was only 36 holes. However, the $108,000 he earned for first place was official. The Championstour and LPGA tours were idle this past week.

Next, our UTPA mens golf team finished 7 out of 9 teams at the Eddie Lucio UTB golf tourney. Its been a tough start to the season for both mens and womens UTPA golf teams. Either team has yet to finish lower than 7th place. Also, Brandon Reyna a sophmore has resigned from the UTPA mens golf team. Reyna was last years confernce champion. Reyna has submitted his application for the Candian Tour.

Last week I got a email asking me to explain how the Mission Chamber of Commerce tourney was scored. This event was played at Cimarron and used the Peoria method. There were 6 holes draw. Depending on how a team played those six hole depneded on their handicaps applied to their gross score. For example, a team shot gross 63. Of those 6 hole draw at random they were -2 under par. Therefore, take 2.8 x -2 = -5.6 if negative make it the opposite and add +5.6 to their score. The result was 63+5.6=68.6. Had that same team played those 6 holes at +2 over par then they would have gotten a reduction of 5.6. If it doesn't make sense then please find me in person and I'd be happy to explain it in person.

This week's tip of the week deals with putting in high winds. Making a full swing is fairly easy in high winds but putting can be even more challeging. The reason for this is the golfer must keep himself steady. Next time you find yourself putting in high winds try putting 80% of your weight on your front foot when putting. This should help and has helped me putt well in high winds.

Want a free lesson? Then be the first to reply to this weeks question. What is the name of the difficult stretch of holes (15-17) on the back nine of last weeks Honda Classic? (Hint think of Jack Nicklaus). The first reply send to will get a free one hour lesson from myself.

Lastly, I'm happy to get emails and respond to the statements or questions. So, please use the above email to ask your question or make your statment.

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Will Borowski is a Class A PGA member at the Club at Cimarron. If you need help with your golf game and would like a lesson please contact him at the above email address.